Stock market prices for gold and silver

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- Do you have a real customer service at your office or it’s just pictures taken from internet?

Judging by the fact that they have families, yes, they are real people.

Gold, silver, equipment, Cyprus coffee, a professional customer service and a friendly atmosphere - all these qualities exist in our office now. Feel more than welcome to visit us any time to check it out for yourself. Our regular routine it’s that the customers come and go and they return back not as customers only but also as friends. 

- As your customer, can I count on your support and assistance in case of problems?

We will never desert our customers, no matter what problems actually arise. It`s a basic principle of our company.

- How confidential is it to cooperate with KDG Gold?

We have never given out any information about our customers` operations and we`ll never do anything live that. In this aspect of our work can be compared the activities of a bank. There is a very small list of government agencies and departments, which can request such confidential information about our transactions and, if it is official and reasonable, we`ll have to give it out. European commission monitors our activities periodically as well as the activities of other coin shops in order to prevent money-laundering. Small-scale and medium-scale transactions at the same time they do not attract the attention of commissions and agencies.

- Gold is not the kind of financial accounts, the presence of which you have in front of someone accountable.

- Owning gold is not taxed, are not subject to declaration and state registration.

Speaking about the way we communicate with our customers, one day two sisters accidentally met in our office, both of them had already been our patrons for a long time, but neither of the sisters knew about it.

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