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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

- Why should I Buy Gold?

- Why should I buy Silver?

- How can you guarantee the authenticity of your products?

- How can I check the authenticity of coins or bullions at home?

- Do you store the gold of your customers?

- How can I store my gold safely?

- Do you conduct buybacks?

- Is there any shipping insurance?

- It’s your company an offshore company?

- What languages can you speak on the phone and in your office?

- Are you a branch office of "*******************"?

- What is the point of paying for the shipping of gold to Cyprus and then to another country?

- Is it true that buying coins online is always cheaper than in coin stores?

- Why can I only buy certain kinds of coins in your office instead of ordering them online with insured shipping?

- What is the point of buying limited edition coins?

- How can I find the coin’s reverse and obverse?

- What’s the difference between limited edition coins and limited (small) circulation coins?

- Do you accept credit card payments?

- Do you accept payment via PayPal?

- Do you accept payments in Bitcoins?

- Can I make a payment in advance in order to book specific items and buy them for a fixed price?

- Can I pay my order and ask one of my friends to pick my order up and send it to me from Cyprus?

- Why is the price of investment coins and bars always a bit higher than the price of gold on the Stock Market?

- Do you purchase scrap gold and silver?

- I was told that you can buy coins from you below market prices, is that true?

- I want to buy a Krugerrand coin, 22k, without VAT, and give it to a jeweler, who is a friend of mine, so he`ll be ably to make a piece of gold jewelry for my wife. Is this operation legal?

- What are karats and how can they be used to determine the purity of gold?

- I bought a British Sovereign coins in 1904 from you, with the declared purity of 22 karat. At the same time, I inherited a few Sovereigns, coins at the same time, however all of them have a purity of 18k. How can you explain this?

- Scrap gold gave me more money for the Maple Leaf than for the Eagle. Because American Eagle was only 22k, while the purity of the Maple Leaf was 24k. However, on your Web-site American Eagle coins cost more than Maple Leafs. How is it possible?

- How confidential is it to cooperate with KDG Gold?

- As your customer, can I count on your support and assistance in case of problems?

- Do you have a real customer service at your office or it’s just pictures taken from internet?