Stock market prices for gold and silver

FRS raised rates of 7 times, and gold became more expensive.


The Fed began a cycle of interest rate hikes in the fall of 2015. Since then, the Fed has raised rates 7 times.
If you are a customer of KDG Gold and if you still believe those who claim that higher interest rates mean lower gold prices, show them this schedule and ask just one question:

Let 's say you 're really the expert of the seven pitches in your forehead and you 're really 7 times right.
But then why is everything the opposite on the chart?

Why two years after the start of the interest rate hike cycle, and despite 7 consecutive interest rate hikes, is the price of gold today HIGHER than it was BEFORE the start of the interest rate hike cycle?

Those people we are presented with as experts do not know and sincerely do not understand some basic things.
They do not know or understand that gold is not an "investment," but money.
The differences between the content of the concepts of "money" and "currencies," they also do not know or understand.
So they are with a smart look, constantly telling us some of their expert spells, which, time and time again, turn out to be wrong and don 't work.

Their next spell, which won 't work either, will be that "during a period of deflation, gold prices fall."
In fact, everything is the opposite - in the period of deflation gold prices rise. However, in economic textbooks, through the spirit and dogma of the pseudoscience of Keynesianism, this truth and in general the truth, never write - it is forbidden.

Dmitry Kalinchenko
Leading expert KDG Gold

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