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Cyprus travel agencies and hotels have put KDG Gold in the list of sights


We`ve learnt from our customers, to our profound interest, that some travel agencies and hotels had put KDG Gold in the list of sights in Cyprus, along with the best beaches and such places of interest as Coral Bay, Baths of Aphrodite, Famagusta etc.

When we ask the customers how they found us, they refer to the recommendations, received in travel agencies and hotels, more and more frequently. Hotel personnel often recommends the guests to visit KDG Gold`s office within the «Shopping in Cyprus» program. We don`t really support the statement that shopping can be equated to investment. From our point of view, shopping and investment in gold have different goals and economic nature. Shopping represents spending of money in order to acquire certain goods. Investment represents contributions for the purpose of capital preservation and growth. However, it is true, that many people consider their visit to KDG Gold`s office as a part of their shopping tour. As a rule, such people derive sincere pleasure from purchasing gold and silver investment coins.

After getting in the shopping mood people sometimes buy gold and silver coins as presents. But at times they also purchase precious metal coins for themselves, making investments that will never become worthless will probably appear very helpful for their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on.

Although we believe that shopping tours in Cyprus hardly have anything to do with KDG Gold, we`re not eager to prove it to our customers, travel agencies and hotel personnel, that recommends the guests to visit our office while doing their shopping. The reason is that the satisfaction of our customers is incomparably more important than all the views and dogmas in the world. A satisfied customer is likely to come back again. Probably this is the reason why travel agencies and hotels recommend their customers to visit KDG Gold`s headquarters as a «place of interest» or during their shopping trips.

We consider it an unexpected appreciation of our work.

Best regards,
Georgios Konikkos
KDG Gold & Silver Coin Partners LTD CEO