Stock market prices for gold and silver

Silver vs Gold - All goes according to plan.

This article was initially published on March 22, 2020, just over two months ago. We were forecasting gold appreciating against all currencies, while silver price would grow even more rapidly. We argued that silver would gain against gold, which, in its turn, would go up against all currencies.

Let us verify the above statement made back in March. On Monday, March 23, gold traded at $1,500 per ounce. Today, on the 2nd of June, 72 days past our forecast, gold is valued at $1,735 per ounce. It is an increase of 15.7% in 72 days or 79.6% per annum in US dollars. Let us check silver next.

On March 23, silver traded at $12 per ounce. Right now, on the 2nd of June, 72 days past our forecast, the price of silver surpassed 18 dollars per ounce.

This is an increase of over 50% in 72 days or an equivalent of 253.5% per annum in US dollars. In respect to the above, we sincerely congratulate all those clients who listened to our March 22 forecasts and made their own, correct and timely investment decisions.

Meanwhile, our forecast for a further outpacing appreciation in silver prices to the level of $60- $70 per ounce remains valid. Not to waste our readers' precious time, we will express ourselves briefly, in simple language.

We do not exclude a slight technical rebound in gold and silver prices in the next 10 days, as a result of which, silver may fall to the area of 17 dollars per ounce.

However, in the next 10-12 days, we also expect a new decline in the stock market, which will result in new highs for both, gold and silver, with the latter outpacing growth in gold prices against all currencies.

Note that the gold to silver value ratio equalled 120 on March 22. Today, this ratio, called the "GSR Index", is at 95. Meaning that back in March, the value of one ounce of gold was equivalent to the value of 120 ounces of silver.

Today, to get one ounce of gold in exchange of silver, it is sufficient to have 95 ounces of silver, compared to 120 two months ago, pocketing 25 ounces of silver as your investment profit.

It is worth reminding that sooner or later, we will definitely see the gold to silver value ratio dropping to the level where 1 ounce of gold will cost only 30 ounces of silver. And it is just a question of time.

Yours faithfully

Dmitry Kalinichenko and KDG Gold team

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