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What is hidden from us and what we should know about gold


* Physical gold is an unregulated monetary asset, not subject to state

* The ownership of physical gold is not subject to any taxes or regulation.

* The value of gold is not regulated by any government, central bank or
nation. Its price is solely determined by the market, its value is
intrinsic and enduring. Gold cannot go bankrupt.

* Unlike corporations, governments and banks, gold maintains its value
in the face of all man-made calamity.

* Currencies may come and go, but gold has enduring value.

* Gold will continue to be an undisputed and recognized value, even if a any one nation or any half of all the world descends into chaos and darkness.

* Gold is a tangible asset with intrinsic value, it has no issuers and
therefore has no counter-party risk.

* Gold is true money and also a currency in the international SWIFT
inter-bank system, with its own currency code "XAU".

The currency code of "Gold" is written under the number 959, which is
from the same approved list of ISO 4217 codes relating to such
currencies as Euro (code EUR), US Dollar (code USD) and Gold (code XAU),

* The currency code of "Gold" is "XAU" which traditionally consists of
two parts, "X" and "AU". The symbols "AU" stands for Aurum - the name of
the 79th chemical element "gold", in the Periodic table. The "X" symbol
indicates that the currency of "Gold" has no issuing country, and
therefore is the INTERNATIONAL currency, i. e. a global currency.

* Gold is money in the truest sense. Paper (fiat) currency, a.k.a. paper
money, is not money in and of itself; but rather, it is a promise of
payment or a particular proportion of payment. Since 1971, it has become
clear that paper money's promise to deliver its stated value, has become
a mathematical impossibility.

* You will find no statement referring to the Dollar, Euro or Franc in
any holy book, nor any mention of the word "currency" in its text. But
gold is mentioned in all holy books, in the Bible the word "gold" is
mentioned hundreds of times.
This might suggest gold was divined by God, or if you are an atheist,
that it is an element provided by nature for our needs. Meanwhile, the
paper Dollar, Euro, Franc and any other fiat currencies have all been
contrived by man, and like man are bound to fail. It is a given these
paper currencies only serve to  quietly diminish during our lifetime and
steadily destroy the fruits of our labor, while devaluing our savings
through inflation.

* Contrary to popular belief, the value of gold does not remain the same
over time. The value of gold compared to currencies and the value of a
fixed basket of goods is constantly changing. Due to population change,
abundance or shortages and growing complexity of goods, products, works
and services, the stable value of gold will necessarily adapt and
accommodate infinite change. In contrast, the value of all paper money
tends to reduce over time, until the final value of zero is reached.
This is commonly called the "inflation tax", Over the lifetime of a
currency, its shrinking value becomes more obvious as the "inflation
tax" continues to grow.

* Gold is the most reliable type of insurance for you and your family's
future, one that pays long-term  dividends.

* Diversifying a percentage of pension contributions into gold rather
than financial assets, helps to balance your portfolio and protect
pension savings.

* Imagine life in the future, 10 or 20 years from now. What would give
you more confidence: Euro, Dollar, shares, bonds or Gold?

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