Stock market prices for gold and silver

Gold prices per gram in all kinds of coins and bars, in five different currencies


We could`ve started this piece of news with a traditional clichéd phrase: «By popular demand…».

In fact, we`ve received lots of such requests, both direct and oblique, like when customers asked for a calculator during a visit to our office in order to convert the price of gold per gram in a particular manufactured investment product to their national currencies: Roubles, Euros, Norwegian Krones, Yuans. All the customers shared a common tendency: they wanted to find out the price of gold per gram, not per ounce, in a finished investment product.

One married couple from Russia used our office calculator quite actively in their zeal to strike on truth. At this time a local customer waiting his turn with a cup of coffee. At some instant the head of the Russian family asked us: "Why don`t you display the current price of gold per gram in Roubles? We`re Russian people, these foreign ounces don`t really tell us anything. Why do we have to use American standards of weight here, in Europe? Why do we have to convert ounces to grams and Euros to Roubles when we come to you? Do you calculate the weight of sweets in Cyprian pastry shops in grams or ounces?".

When I was thinking what I should answer about the gold market traditions, the Cypriot sitting on the sofa suddenly said in really good Russian: "The comrade is right and I fully support his motion".

Right away I got a sense that he used this phrase during party conferences quite frequently.

I asked him: «Are you a communist?»

He answered proudly: «Yes, I am. I studied architecture in Russia».

Playing up to our Cypriot guest, I replied: «Comrades! I accept your criticism and I promise to choose the righteous path without qualification». Everybody burst out laughing.

I called our programmer at once and asked him: «Johnny, can you make our Web-site display the current price of gold per gram in all kinds of investment products and all currencies in real time, including Russian Roubles and Chinese Yuans?".

«Technically speaking, it shouldn`t be a problem», - he replied after a brief cogitative pause.

He updated our Web-site just one day later.

Now our customers can keep track of the price of gold per gram in real time, while concentrating on any currency and manufactured investment product.

So, as you can see, party criticism is just as effective as it was before. Our office calculator can finally have a sigh of relief, it confirms the abovementioned statement just perfectly.