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We`ve moved to a new hosting!


By popular demand, we`ve transferred our Web-site and e-mails to a German hosting.

It gave us an opportunity to protect the personal data of the customers, our business correspondence and the information about orders much more effectively. Our experience shows, that even the US citizens don`t want their authorities to acquire any information about their transactions. Thus, many experts recommend American citizens to purchase physical gold abroad. Our decision to move our server from Cyprus to Germany was based on this particular concept.

In our case Germany is some kind of a neutral country. It is not Cyprus, the USA, Greece or Russia. If the server is situated in the country, where the customer lives, the authorities will have unlimited access to the customer`s personal data.  However transferring the server to another country, limits the number of people with access to such data.  Furthermore, they are not likely to provide the requested data if there is no documented lawful basis, recognized by the international community.

In the European Union gold is not subject to VAT, no matter the form and fineness both in metric and carat system.

Buying gold in the EU is more profitable, more reliable, more safe and more confidential. Therefore, not only residents of the former USSR prefer buying gold coins and bars in Europe without VAT, the citizens of the United States, Canada, Israel, China, India, Turkey and many other countries totally agree with them.

As for the rest, we`re still working on our updated Web-site, a multicurrency basket is just around the corner.